Creative Photo Book Ideas

Collecting and maintaining photographs has been a favorite pastime with most people, old and young. Sometimes they have stuck with all these photos from several events and varying times previously, they wonder how to put them all together coherently.

The most common and favorite photograph book themes include-

Baby Album - You can start your album with photos from various trimesters in your pregnancy and record your emotions. You could include ultrasounds and photographs of the nursery too.

Family Holiday- Holiday images are best organized chronologically, i.e. day-by-day. You might also subject them place- by-place, or you might simply put up your favourite pictures from your holidays and record what you liked most about these.

Graduation Day- You could make portrait shots of your friends and ask them to write something for you to give it the sense of a personalised slam book.

Wedding Album- A marriage is the most special and important day in a individual's life. A picture tells a thousand words and your wedding album may tell your whole love story. You could start with this'Proposal' and go on to include your engagement photos, bridal shower photographs, wedding photographs and honeymoon photos.

But here some not so common ideas that may also be fun and entertaining:

1. Pets and Animals- Pets are a part of family too and deserve an album unto them. Your pet album could include the day that you brought your pet house and how you decided on a title for him/her. You might also make a portfolio of your furry friend.

2. You could start with a'Training Journal' and proceed to include photos of your groups, your own pajamas, your coaches and your favorite cheers.

3. Photo Cook Book- A method to a man's heart is his stomach, so they say. So why not make an album to record that particular dish that you made for your loved one for the first time! You might also create a record of the first time your child was in the kitchen helping you or creating something for you.

4. You might go back as much as you would like and occasionally be stunned at how many men and women love you and care for you.

5. foto knihy - While on bikes, cars or hitchhiking to a truck, you will see numerous billboards, signboards and signs.

These are only a few examples. Think crazy and you could come up with more of your own!