How and Where to Hire the Best Freelancers

If you are an entrepreneur, or venturing into the startup world, you will realize something very quickly. Hiring quality talent is difficult and expensive. While startups and businesses, in general, fail because of a broad range of reasons, inability to hire quality talent is one of the major reasons. If you need quality talent, but lack the budget to hire full-time, looking to freelancers may be the answer.

The freelance labor market allows you to cherry-pick top talent and pay relatively low amounts to acquire their services. Be warned, however, that the freelance marketplace is not without its challenges. In this article, we give you some tips to navigate these choppy waters to find a freelance solution that works for you.

How to Hire

How you hire plays a big part in who you hire and, the outcome of that hire. Some things that could go wrong include; hiring unskilled persons, time zone mismatching, language barriers, and a host of others. Here are some points to follow to avoid these pitfalls.


First, write down your project requirements. Unlike a full-time hire who will be around as you figure out the way forward, freelancers require a highly specified project plan to deliver results. Determine , deliverables, milestones and every other detail you can squeeze into the project plan. Rule of thumb: the more detailed it is, the better.


Next, set a budget. This is the trickiest part. If you go recruiting with a blank check, you will get quotes from as low as a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. To properly gauge your budget, talk to a few friends and bounce budget ideas off them. You can also look at what other clients are paying for similar projects. Consider setting a minimum and maximum so you allow room for negotiating.


Cast your net wide. Look for as many quality freelancers as you can and invite them to come for an interview. What you are looking for here is availability. The best talent is useless to you if they are unavailable. Once you lock down several freelancers with top skills, who have shown interest in your project, it is time to review.


Peruse their past projects. What did past clients have to say? How were they rated? How many similar projects have they undertaken? Never take a freelancer's word concerning their skills. Test all of them to determine their skill level. Once you find one that works, interview the freelancer and then get started.